Our Mission is to provide young artists opportunities to spread the joy of professional opera to communities that do not have easy access to the arts.

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Part of creating and successfully growing any arts organization is coverage by our cousins in the media. Our local TV station (your4state.com) and Newspaper (herald-mail.com) have been great partners with us in spreading the word. Our own Francesca Aguado has even been interviewed on-air at WJEJ by local celebrity Lou Scally; quite the feather in our cap.

Here are some links to the coverage we have received in the media:

Opera in the Hub City
Herald Mail article
30 August, 2013
"I have previously confessed that I’m not a huge fan of opera. That could be partly because I haven’t had many opportunities to experience the art form. Also, like many, I might be the victim of cartoonish stereotypes — thinking that opera is reserved for society’s cultured upper crust, or that it’s stuffy and snooty and too highbrow for me to enjoy.
“Don Giovanni” was none of that. It was fun!"
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Don Giovanni: A bad man, a good show
Herald Mail article
22 May, 2013
"Meet Don Giovanni: An arrogant, tricky, sexually promiscuous nobleman. A good swordsman. An amoral killer. Wealthy beyond belief.

Meet a few of his “friends”: the Commendatore, an old and respected nobleman who the keeps peace; his daughter, Anna, who “encounters” Don Giovanni in her bedroom; Leporello, Don Giovanni’s long-suffering servant; and Ottavio, Anna’s fiance, who sees the Commendatore lying in a pool of blood and pledges vengeance.

And that’s just the first scene of “Don Giovanni,” the opera composed by Wolfgang Mozart in 1787 to a story written by Lorenzo Da Ponte. Hub Opera Ensemble performs the “Don Giovanni” over two weekends at Kepler Theater at Hagerstown Community College. The opening show is 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 24."
Read the entire article by clicking here

Arts in the Park Kicks Off with Mozart's Don Giovanni
WHAG TV / Your4State.com piece
19 May, 2013
" Arts in the Park just kicked off its second year with a preview of the Don Giovanni, an opera of comedy and drama put on by the Hub Opera Ensemble.

"One scene will be very tragic and the next will be very funny, and the next will be sort of sexy, then the next will be tragic again. It's a really genius melding of the different types of entertainment really," says Leah Crowne, playing the character Donna Anna.

Mozart's Don Giovanni tells the story of a nobleman who weaves a web of lies, especially when it comes to women.

"I have been trapsing multiple countries after him ever since, following him to get him back. And if he doesn't, I actually say that I will tear his heart out. She's very violent," says Christine Petkus, playing the character Donna Elvira.

The characters say the theme of this performance is steampunk, and say working together is a treat."
Read the entire article & watch the TV piece by clicking here

Students Treated to the Magic of Opera
WHAG TV / Your4State.com piece
21 September, 2012
"At Hagerstown Community College, one of Mozart's greatest operas was presented by the Hub Opera Ensemble to students from around Washington County.

"I love it the kids love the costumes and the spectacle. This is something the kids would never be able to see on their own. So i'm tickled we are about to come here free of cost", says Cinnamon Rowland.

For many of these kids, seeing Mozart's "The Magic Flute" was a new experience."
Read the entire article & watch the TV piece by clicking here

[Hub Opera] to present 'The Magic Flute'
Herald Mail article
19 September, 2012
"This weekend, [Hub Opera] presents a fairy tale of a prince, a half-man-half-bird, the Queen of the Night, and a quest to rescue the Queen's daughter.

And that's just the first couple scenes of "The Magic Flute," one of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's most popular musical stories.

[Hub Opera] will present three performances of the show — Sunday, Sept. 23; Friday, Sept. 28, and Saturday, Sept. 29, all at Hagerstown Community College Kepler Auditorium, east of Hagerstown.

The production is lavish, according to Joe Marschner, HCC instructor and [Hub Opera] founding board member, with splashy sets, colorful costumes and overhead translations of the German score."
Read the entire article by clicking here

Hagerstown Hits a High Note
Hagerstown Magazine Online-Edition article
May 2012
"Opera has been called the heavy metal of musical theater and the most sublime of art forms, yet its dramatic sound is still mainstream enough to end up on commercials for Doritos and Subway sandwiches. Now, for both enthusiasts and first-timers, Hagerstown’s Hub Opera Ensemble is bringing the overtures and arias right to our backyard. Partnering with Hagerstown Community College, the professional opera group encourages young artists to spread the joy of grand opera in a way that’s affordable and accessible to the community. Before, area residents had to drive to Baltimore or Washington, D.C., and spend close to $80 to enjoy opera, but Hub Opera Ensemble holds local performances and charges less..."
Read the entire article by clicking here

Local company presents Mozart light opera
Herald Mail article
08 June, 2011
"Some people might not know opera from Oprah.

But Francesca Aguado and Caitlin Budny want to change that. Last year, the two area women bridged the gap between small town and big city by forming their own opera company.

As cofounders of The Hub Opera Ensemble, the professionally trained singers saw a need for offering accessible and affordable performances to the Hag-erstown community.

But would there be public support?

They got their answer when more than 200 people showed up for the ensemble’s first performance last September of Handel’s “Ariodante.”

They are hoping for an even bigger audience when the ensemble presents its second production, “Cosi fan tutte,” Friday, June 10, Saturday, June 11, Friday, June 17, and Saturday, June 18, at Hagerstown Community College’s Alumni Amphitheater."
Read the entire article by clicking here

Hub Opera Ensemble makes its own music
Herald Mail article
24 September, 2010
"It had been a few decades since aficionados could enjoy a night at the opera in Hagerstown, but that changed Friday with "Ariodante," the inaugural performance of the Hub Opera Ensemble at Hagerstown Community College's Kepler Theater.
Billed as "A tale of love, deceit, intrigue, and forgiveness," the opera tells the story of the title character, a Scottish prince in love with the King's daughter, Ginevra, and the plot by Ariodante's rival, Polinesso, to foil their romance.
It's an opera about Scottish royalty by a German-born composer, George Friederich Handel, sung in Italian, first performed in London and, in this production, updated to Chicago in the 1930s. For those whose Italian is a bit rusty, English subtitles were projected above the stage."
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