Our Mission is to provide young artists opportunities to spread the joy of professional opera to communities that do not have easy access to the arts.

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Ensemble Notes: Winter 2012

     Running an opera ensemble is a lot of work; all the more so when you're only half way through your second season and still establishing your name and your place in the community. But by no means are we complaining! We love every minute of the work that we're putting into the Hub Opera Ensemble and our efforts are paying off with great performances; however, as a young ensemble we at times have to re-evaluate and re-deploy our still limited resources. Such was the case as the new year dawned.

     Had we held to our originally published schedule we would be polishing our first production of Mozart's The Magic Flute, but ultimately we had to choose. For the good of the production, the ensemble, and you our audience, we chose to move Flute to the Fall of our 2012-2013 season, and this was a wise move. Moving it to the Fall means that our production staff have many more months to plan, and we have many more months to raise the funds to knock this one out of the park, or the theater, one supposes that would be a more appropriate metaphor. Thus we are now free to focus on our late Spring / early Summer production of Bizet's Carmen.

    Carmen is going to be a series of firsts for the Hub Opera Ensemble. It will be our first production in the newly renovated Performing and Visual Arts Education Center at Kepler on the campus of our amazing and supportive partner, Hagerstown Community College. It will be our first production of Carmen, and it will be our first production with an orchestra. That's right: orchestra. Though each of our productions to date have featured brilliant pianists, true ivory artists, we know that an opera like Carmen is best experienced with an orchestra backing the actors on stage as they paint the scene for you with their voices. Thanks to some generous donations by a gracious patron we are able to provide the rich musical carpet on which our actors' song may tread. As the children's chorus taunts the soldiers, you'll hear the trumpet call. When Escamillo struts on stage radiating machismo, the strings will ignite the air as el Toreador regales us with Votre Toste. One gets goose bumps just thinking about it.

    Look for information on Hub Opera Ensemble in the media. Read the content here on our site. If you're curious about something, drop us a line and let us know. and as always, if you'd like to volunteer your time or your possessions to the cause d'opera, we will gladly accept. Check back here at HubOperaEnsemble.org for future updates on Carmen, including performance dates and ticket ordering information, and until next time: ¡Ole!