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In Production: Rehearsal

Practice, practice, practice.  Whether you're trying to get to Carnegie Hall, the Superbowl, or the World Cup, you have to practice.  We've been rehearsing for almost a month now, and everything is coalescing nicely; in fact, we had a great run through of Act I just the other night.  We mention this because we have some photos of us rehearsing this past weekend:


As you can see in the photos, part of rehearsing is practicing being the character, and what better way to do that that to dress the part?  That is, Caitlin and Francesca think so.  They were quite excited the moment they decided that we'd set Cosi in the mid-1800s, because it meant they could wear hoop skirts and corsets.  Singing, acting, singing and acting in corsets ... putting an opera together takes a lot of practice!

Act I is in great shape, and we're spending the rest of this week blocking Act II.  We'll be figuring out where everyone will be standing and moving.  Most exciting of all, this weekend rehearsals move into the amphitheater and we begin to run through the entire opera, the production becoming more that costumes and recitative, arias and blocking: it becomes an opera.

Keep checking back for more behind the scenes information on the Hub Opera Enemble's production of Mozart's Cosi fan Tutte.  Next week we're planning to put up some video clips of our rehearsals.