Our Mission is to provide young artists opportunities to spread the joy of professional opera to communities that do not have easy access to the arts.

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We wanted to thank everyone who came out for our inaugural production, HCC for being amazing partners, and the Herald-Mail for their wonderful article and Front Page (above the fold!) attention. For those of you who weren't able to make it to see Ariodante, we will be posting excerpts from the program for you to enjoy, and to hopefully whet your appetite for our Spring production, but more about that soon enough. Here is the text from the back page of our Ariodante program:

The Hub Opera Ensemble is proud to welcome you to our inaugural production, Handel’s Ariodante. Our goal is to bring together tal- ented young professionals to create art that we can share with Hager- stown and the surrounding region, whether those people be singers, set designers, musicians, graphic artists, or anyone who can contrib- ute to the production.

We are already discussing our Spring 2011 production and will soon decide on the opera we will perform; we hope you will join us then to share our love of the blending of music and drama that is opera.

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Visit our blog for more news, performer bios, and information on our upcoming Spring production: HubOperaEnsemble.blogspot.com