Our Mission is to provide young artists opportunities to spread the joy of professional opera to communities that do not have easy access to the arts.

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Suspended Tickets Program

Ever heard of “suspended coffees?”  No?  Well, here’s the gist of it:

caffè sospeso (Italiansuspended or pending coffee) can be purchased by a really nice, fortunate person to be held, “suspended,” for someone less fortunate.  Cafes and coffee shops all over the world participate.  It’s a really simple, wonderful thing to do for someone else.  
We, at Hub Opera Ensemble, really like the idea.  We like it so much in fact, that we have decided to start a “Suspended Ticket”program.  You can share the gift of opera with someone who might otherwise never have the opportunity to experience this wonderful art form.  We will accept donations in ANY amount – even simply the change in your pocket.  For every $20.00 donated, we will set aside a Suspended Ticket.
We now have a Suspended Ticket Donation button on our website and we will have a Suspended Ticket Donation Station in the lobby at each of our performances.